Rugby League World Cup Betting Odds: New Zealand – Jamaica:

The 2022 World Cup in England is attracting the attention of rugby fans all over the world, and the betting markets are no exception.

Let’s learn how to bet on the games of New Zealand using the 1×2 system as well as the Asian Handicap. We’ll also have a look at the situation in the over/under markets.

New Zealand – the favourites against Jamaica, as expected:

If you are new to sports betting, don’t worry, the logic behind the markets is simple: it is totally based on the sports performances of the national teams.

New Zealand is expected to win the game, therefore, they have small odds in the 1×2 betting markets: on average, 1.01, and their victory is so likely that some bookies don’t even sell odds for that potential result.

The odds for the match draw are usually big in any rugby game, as it is a rare final result in the sport.

The average odds for the victory of Jamaica are 25+ which reflects how they are the underdogs.

If you are confident that NZ will win and there’s no way Jamaica could win or even fight enough to secure a draw, you need to find a good bookie to bet. Leo Vegas Sports Review could be an interesting option to read and consider as it is a popular operator that takes rugby league bets at international and club levels.

New Zealand – Jamaica: Asian Handicap Odds

The market is trading big handicaps right now. The handicaps between -72.5 and -73.5 are trading on average at 1.89 odds both the NZ negative line and the positive handicap to the team of Jamaica.

This reflects how the market expects NZ to win easily this game.

Some games are more levelled both at handicap and 1×2 betting markets.

Over/under betting: Rugby League

Games that tend to have big numbers in the final score can be interesting to the over/under market which is the case here.

The lines trading at average odds of 2, which is a market reference for professional gamblers, are over/under 82.5.

When big teams face less traditional ones, the handicap of the big team in the Asian handicap markets usually is very similar to the over/under betting lines themselves.

The reason is simple: the big team tends to ‘contribute’ more to the final numbers of the final score. So 72 and 82 are close because there’s a big difference in the expectations in terms of the performance of each team.

Summary: Rugby Betting Odds and Sports betting

Rugby Union and League have very similar betting markets, so if you grasp how to bet on the games of the 2022 World Cup, you’ll be able to bet in the markets of both sports at the club level and international level too.

Count on us to learn more about sports betting and improve your betting performance to profit more and more!