About us

If you are as big a rugby fan like us, then you will love what WorldRugbyGames.com has to offer you, with each article going to feel like you have scored a try!

The website is run by a passionate team of rugby writers who continue to look all over the internet to bring you the latest and biggest news stories from the sport whilst also giving you something a little different to the mainstream media outlets with each piece that has been created; think of this as being us converting the conversion attempt!

You will not find us conceding any penalties for violations caused on the field with the articles that we produce, as our team is professional and continues to earn the respect within the writing world by producing detailed articles that can spark some rather friendly chat.

Those in the scrum will be able to pleasantly argue some of the news stories and the latest data that has been discovered as they will be able to provide evidence and support, thus making it feel as though they have the support of their teammates behind them with each drive forward!

In addition to the detailed and insightful news pieces, our WorldRugbyGames.com experts continue to produce a number of brilliantly informative and thought-provoking opinion pieces that will have you questioning certain things ahead of an upcoming match or major tournament, with things that you may not have considered previously creeping up!

Moreover, the team will go behind the numbers and the data when they can and produce a number of analytical pieces that can help you go behind the game and look at it from a different way. Football seems to have a lot of statistical data and analysts continually checking out the game, so why can’t rugby?!

WorldRugbyGames.com’s writers – who love the game as much as you – will provide detailed scouting reports about certain players and teams, whilst providing details and insights about the strengths – and weaknesses – that can be expected to be seen!

If you feel you can contribute to our team and have the same level of passion for the sport, then why not get in contact with us and apply to join our team?! Just fill out the simple form that we have created here!

If you are looking to discover even more about your favourite sport, then why not check out the other sites in the Ronnie Dog Media portfolio: TotalRugbyAnalysis.com and TheRugbyStats.com!